Why Gifting Skin Care is the Ultimate Sign of Love and Connection

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Skin care products have not been popular gifts.  Let’s be honest, it is risky business to gift anyone, even your mother a gift like a skin serum.  We get it, skin care is all about treating something so many assume that by giving such a gift, you may be viewed as critiquing the recipient’s skin.  Skin care is also highly personal.  Depending on a person’s skin type, skin care products may not work exactly as it proclaims.

So why is gifting skin care such the ultimate sign of love and connection?  Because if you dare gift skin care to someone, it shows that you truly know the person.  Even more, it indicates the depth and strength of your relationship with one another, build on trust.  So now that you understand why giving skin care is actually a good thing, let’s talk about when you should give and what is worthwhile to give.

The Right Moment to Gift Skin Care

Finding the perfect occasion to gift skin care is actually easier than you think.  Just follow this simple rule: don’t give skin care on any major holiday.  Instead, skin care is a type of gift that you give as a surprise and for no other reason than to simply say “I am thinking about you”.  So, you have most days within a year to gift skin care.  You might be surprised that it would be the most memorable gift your friend receives from you.

What Skin Care Products Makes Great Gifts

The best skin care to gift should focus on basics. Think of products that are universal in function such as a face wash, a serum and of course, a sunscreen.  However, make sure that the product is offering something unique that makes it special in its category.  Here are a few of our favorite products that anyone can love.

Face Wash

Oil based cleansers does a great job of removing impurities and makeup without stripping natural oils.  A luxurious cleanser that anyone would be thrilled to receive is The Cleanser by Kjaer Weis.  It comes in a beautiful bottle and is made of natural ingredients that work with your skin, not against it.

The Multi-Tasking Serum

Everyone wants beautiful, even glowing skin.  The Rapid Brightening Serum by LeCerre Skincare can give you just exactly that.  It’s clean, performance skin care that combines the perfect blend of natural ingredients to lighten dark patches and sun spots, all without causing irritation.  It is the only brightening serum that can be used while pregnant or nursing.  Customer reviews of this serum include seeing improved skin tone and texture in as little as one month.

Universal Sunblock

It is difficult to find sunscreen that can be universal.  The Mineral Defence Sunscreen by Nuori is an all natural sunblock that offers broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays.  It is ocean and reef friendly formula that is formulated completely without nano particles, titanium dioxide and chemical sun filters. 

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