Safety tips for you when moving long-distance

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When you decide to move, one of the biggest concerns that you might have is the safety of belongings as well as of persons. With each passing day, we heard about moving scams making us more concerned about this. Luckily with proper planning, we can save ourselves from such burglary, identity thefts, and other moving scams. Have a look at these precautions that you should take to have a safer move. 

Tips for before moving day 

  • It is recommended you to tell a few people about your move. Don’t broadcast your move on your social media. 
  • When you choose to hire professional movers for your move, ask for references from your friends or family or hire local movers to whom you can trust. Word of mouth is always an ideal option to get to know the genuine and the best interstate moving companies. Check the reputation of the movers at Better Business Bureau to save yourself from moving scams. 
  • If you are not capable to hire movers then you can hire a crew from any local agency. Get help from them in loading and unloading your home stuff. 
  • Let your post office hold all the emails and documents until you reach your new home. 
  • If you are living in an apartment, ask the landlord to not to give details regarding your new address to anyone. 
  • Don’t give the impression that you are moving alone or you are alone at your new address. 

Tips for safety on moving day 

  • Don’t tell your new neighbors that you are moving alone to this address. 
  • Don’t forget to lock your home while having to and from trips from your old apartment to the new apartment. 
  • If you can’t present there while loading and unloading of items, consider hiring a guard to keep on the check. 
  • Don’t load your valuables such as jewelry into the moving truck containing all your hoe belongings. It is recommended you to take these along with you. 
  • Be aware while you are moving your valuables. Keep on the track where you put your purse or other valuable items. 
  • Label boxes with the names of the room in which they should be unboxed rather than labeling them according to the items that they contain like silver or any word, so, the valuable items would not get the attention. 

Tips after move-in 

  • Explore your new apartment, check the number of doors, windows, and entrances present in the entrance. 
  • Keep all the windows covered using curtains so no one can view what are you unpacking especially when you unpack your valuable items. It will prevent unnecessary viewing so you can save yourself from potential problems. 
  • Change all the locks immediately because anyone could have duplicate keys to your apartment. This is the most important thing to do immediately once you reach your new home. 
  • Never tell a delivery person that you are living alone in your home. 

These precautions will help you in having a safe move and safe life. These will help you in getting rid of potential scams. 

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