Great Gaming Websites Every Player Should Bookmark

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Every gamer playing video games on their PC needs to have quick access to their most loved games every time they want to play. Knowing which sites to open you want to have fun playing games is one of the things that will save you a lot of time and hassle. For that reason, gamers would want to bookmark their favorite gaming sites for quick access from time to time. Nothing is more refreshing than knowing that you have ready access to gaming information.

To stay updated on what is happening in the gaming world, you definitely need good and reliable sites that will keep you o the loop. If that is what you are looking for, here are great gaming websites that should be on your bookmark list:


  1. tv 

Anyone looking for massive spectator sports information and games can rely on Twitch for help. This site offers watchable gaming of different types. It is a popular online service where gamers can stream and watch game broadcasts too. That is why it should be on your bookmark list. There are talk shows, TV series, and music as well. You can watch your favorite games being played live. Access Twitch anytime you feel like having a gaming experience online.


  1. Happygamer 

Visit for the latest news, guides, reviews, and updates on gaming. You will get a lot of information on online and video games on Xbox One, PC games, Steam games, PS4. Nintendo, Mac games and so on. You will get to know what is trending on social media, App Store, Google Play and the latest trends in technology. This site provides you with an assortment of games and gaming in general.

While on Happygamer, you will find almost everything about your favorite game. More than that, other gamers will share their experiences and you will get to know more about these games. Still, the site offers news, reviews, and previews of games that could be of interest to you.


  1. Metacritic 

Looking for insight and understanding of different games, bookmark Metacritic. This is your source of game reviews to help you know which are worth your valuable time. Most importantly, you will be able to spend your money wisely since there will be information on what is the most rewarding game to play in terms of experience. Information here will be presented by different reviewers who will help you choose your game wisely.

Metacritic provides you with more than a review. The site aggregates many reviews drawn from renowned game websites and user rankings as well. That way, you stand a chance of getting a wide view concerning a particular game. It is not only for games but for movies, music, and TV too.


  1. Steam 

Download the latest games from the comfort of your home via Steam. Digital media has replaced conventional forms of carrying content such as music and so on. The same can be experienced with gaming. Steam has digital game downloads that can help you add games to your list from time to time. More than just purchasing games, you will also be able to play them from the site.

Use Steam to check out game reviews, new games, and game trailers. On this site also, you will be able to connect with the online community and learn more. As you play games on steam, you will be rewarded and be taught a lot more about gaming. 


  1. Green Man Gaming 

By visiting Green Man Gaming, you will meet gamers with the same interests as yours. This is one of the best social networks that connect gamers like you. If you want to know what others are talking about or are playing, this is the place to share ideas. Initially, it was known as Playfire but has since changed to a gaming community as well as an e-commerce gaming site. The website partners with game publishers to create an online presence for their games through it.


Final Thoughts 

Stay updated on what to look for in the gaming world by bookmarking reliable gaming sites. Having put them on your bookmark list, these sites will give you quick access to gaming reviews, news, and opportunities to play when you have time.

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