How do I start playing video games? A beginner's guide

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Video games are increasingly becoming popular among people of all races, ages, and backgrounds. They are no longer considered a waste of time. Modern video games are designed to yield many benefits to the gamer. To be a happy gamer, there are important aspects that you need to know about video gaming. Looking at these benefits, there is no guilt in playing these games. Actually, the opposite is true – those who do not play feel they need to. Therefore, a lot has changed because video games are now making a major contribution to how people think and troubleshoot issues.

So, how do you start playing video games? Looking at how the gaming world has revolutionized, there is no reason to why you should not be playing video games. They come with great experiences and adventures that will change your worldview.  Now that you are ready to get started with video games, here is a simple guide for you. There are tools and other resources that you need to make your gaming time more enjoyable.


Smart Gadget, PC or Console for Video Gaming

Enjoy video games comes best when you have acquired suitable tools and platforms that support them. You can play your game using a smart gadget like a phone or a tablet, a PC or by using a console. The best way to get started is by using a smartphone if you have one. Recommended smartphone gadgets for gaming are Android, Windows and Apple handsets with large displays, immense app stores for games and powerful processors.

Your gadget’s operating system should be up to date. Latest Android and iPhone models are most preferred since Windows platforms for mobile gadgets are not fully supported. For a direct solution, Sony Xperia Z3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and LG G3 are good enough to get you started. However, the gaming experience is not as good as you would find with a PC.

PCs give gamers an advanced gaming experience particularly for the reason that they give good visuals. As you grow into your gaming, you may want to consider this option.  You will need features comparable to Intel i7 4790 processor, at least a System memory of 8GB although 16GB is highly recommended and most importantly an NVidia GTX 980 graphics card. These features will be good enough to help you run the recent action games at their peak abilities. However, you do not have to spend a lot all at once. You can gradually move to new levels of gaming with time.

As you advance, you may prefer having a console to a PC. For one reason, they are cheaper and ready to play directly from the box. With a console, you do not need a lot of hardware compatibility concerns and settings for graphics. The latest models to consider are the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One. You will find them somewhat similar although PS4 is a lot better with developers who are getting a lot from them especially on graphics performance.


Getting the Video Games 

To get the best experience from video games, ensure that you get your gadgets and gaming resources from reliable suppliers. With a good device, you can easily access video games by downloading them from your Google Play Store or the app store on Apple gadgets.  You probably have downloaded simple games in the past. However, there will be a few changes here and there for advanced video games.

Video games on PC and Mac are accessed by signing up for such platforms as Steam among others that support gaming activities. Here, you will be required to buy games and then download them in order to play from your computer. Ensure that you have a good flat screen monitor for a great display. For console, you can get boxed games from e-commerce websites like Amazon or from local supermarkets. They will get you all you need to get started with playing video games. Make sure you have a good flat-screen TV as well.


Final Advice 

The way to start playing video games is by learning what they are and what you need to get started. Instead of making an initial investment by purchasing a lot of hardware, it would be better to try out the games from your mobile gadget. As you advance, you can move to PC and Console. 

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