6 Amazing PPC Tips for Marketing a Higher Education Institution

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Pay Per Click (PPC) has been quite effective in the online marketing circles for eons. Institutions of higher learning have used it and enjoyed excellent results. However, many institutions aren't up to speed regarding how to carry out effective PPC campaigns.


This article seeks to address the latter group. After all, marketing must produce the desired results. Without that, it's a failure and a waste of both time and money. Below are six amazing PPC tips for marketing a higher education institution.

Overcoming PPC Challenges

The top priority on matters regarding PPC for higher education is the need for overcoming the relevant challenges. Typically, there are two primary challenges worth worrying about. Those two are:

  • The cost of keywords
  • Sales cycles take too much time and are uncontrollable

Stop Bidding on Branded Terms

Where PPC is concerned, your higher education institution might feel the need to bid on branded terms. However, that approach is dangerous for the simple reason that you could be doing something much better and more effective than this!

Focusing on the Most Relevant Audience

Thirdly, you have to learn to spare more time for your most relevant audience. You will always find an audience that gives you a profit with each paid search. Such an audience deserves all your care, love, and attention. Therefore, identify and know your most significant audience.

Building an Account Structure Correctly

Where your Google ads account structure is concerned, you only have one option. That is, you have to learn to make it correctly. You can do that by focusing on the specific programs instead of general keywords. Put more emphasis on the programs that your college offers.

Aligning All Campaigns with the College's Goals

Your PPC campaign will not succeed if you don't align them with the college's goals, for more information visit the website. What is more, the goals should be as clear and understandable as possible. For this to happen, though, you must know:

  • Your target
  • Where your target is
  • The sort of keywords the target audience is likely to use to search
  • The budget to set aside to attain your goals

Create Custom Landing Pages

Lastly, the effectiveness of the PPC campaigns for higher education hinges on the custom landing pages that you create. Otherwise, the audience will arrive at your site and browse aimlessly without taking any action. Fill this page with everything your college has to offer!

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