Burning Craigslist Candles

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It’s rare to get all my mates together as we aren’t all one big craigslist group and not everyone knows each other that well. It’s a mix of the few school friends I’m still in touch with and friends I’ve met through work and in some odd places throughout life. There’s ten of us and I’m really excited we are all going out for a big rowdy dinner, a few glasses of vino and a catch up. All my mates are so different I love the eclectic mix they make together.

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Not all of them know I’m on this dating website so they are all hugely curious when gossip gets round the table. They laughed so much when I told them about the guy with the glass eye that J nearly fell off her chair into L who promptly launched a bit of garlic bread across the table into F’s wine glass. They are all convinced that David is ‘the one’ but I’m not convinced. I’m quite willing to explore further but I can’t say that I’m bothered he’s off on holiday for 2 weeks and we havn’t set another date. Although I really enjoyed our craigslist date and it culminated in a snog I get the feeling I’ve seen all there is to see about David. I’m more excited about dinner with Mark tomorrow to be honest. We all have a wicked night but yet again I’m distracted by texts from ‘casual fling’ asking where I am, and when I say I’m busy for the rest of the weekend he throws his toys out of his pram. I’ll deal with him tomorrow……

‘Roomie’ and I have a quiet chat in a corner, well it’s not quiet at all actually, she’s been hitting the wine hard and the music is loud in this bar we’ve gone to so it’s a bit of a shouty chat at this point. Although we live together we often pass like ships in the night so a good chat sometimes only happens on craigslist nights out. She tells me to stop texting craigslist ‘casual fling’ because he’s a waste of space, she is not his biggest fan! She never looks for confrontation but if you lubricate her with a drink or two she’ll tell you your fortune! I try to defend the situation somehow but I’m just proving to myself that I do care more than I let on and I’m letting him dominate my life more than I should. Roomie tells me in her inebriated state that I’m always going to find fault with anyone I date while he’s still in the picture because I’m always going to be subconsciously holding back in case he clicks his fingers. She’s known me for 15 years, she isn’t far wrong.

Sundays sees more of a hangover than I had planned but this is the first time in so many years I’ve been living as a single craigslist girl, Roomie and I are loving the convenience of my flat in town and making the most of it before it sells as it’s on the market. I get a lot of invitations to do things now I’m on my own because I think people worry about me being on my own, fat chance – I rarely get time to scratch my arse these days. It also seems far more acceptable to open a bottle of wine if Roomie comes home and fancies telling me about her day.

When I’ve stopped feeling so fuzzy I pop over to see my mate T and her kids. I havn’t got long but I know she’ll always have a cup of tea and a biscuit in the kitchen for me. Her gorgeous 2 year old is trying to talk and is running me ragged asking me to chase him. Mr T is in the lounge with a few mates watching rugby, he works odd hours so this is a rare treat for him. When he shouts that the kid is in front of the TV screen I make chase on all fours into the lounge, grab the little one, giggle and look up to see this enormous and gorgeous man standing over me grinning. I go red and run back into the kitchen. When the match is over I wander into the lounge and end up having a brief chat with the handsome giant. He has a lovely deeo voice, we talk for all of 2 minutes and he has to go. When I enquire with Mr T about his craigslist mate he tells me in no uncertain terms that the guy is a ratbag with women and not to go there which just pricks my curiosity even further!

Head spinning and late as usual I make my way to meet Mark outside this restaurant I’ve never heard of. It turns out to be lovely, he’s pitched me just right…………….

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