Lies and Love Among Expatriates

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Being dishonest is never good in any relationship. In my opinion lies only come back to bite you in the butt. There are so many expat people who can’t even keep track of their own lies. If you are one of those people who feel the need to lie I suggest that you take a good long look inside. It is out of insecurities that make expat people lie because they don’t feel like they will be accepted.

I hear so many stories about deception in relationships that it scary. If you are able to give your heart completely to someone there is always risk involved. We all make mistakes and we are human. No one is perfect so why hide your imperfections?

The truth can only set you free. Be honest with your partner and trust that if they love you they will be supportive. And if not maybe you are with the wrong person. We are not here to judge one another even though we can get caught up in the drama of our lives.

I can tell you long ago I was afraid to tell expat people how I felt for fear they would leave me. But, once I took the time to work on myself and feel secure the fear just went away. I’m all about risking my heart for the bigger reward that life has to show me. Above all when your honest and speak the truth it’s a win win situation. The most important relationship is with yourself first.

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Corporate Empowerment

I am currently working on a program to bring Empowerment into the workplace. Corporate America needs to empower their employees. Through Empowerment people will get to know their best self and the power they have within to successed in their careers.

I work for a company of about 3,ooo employees and I could tell you that this corporation needs Empowerment Training now. There is too much negative energy in the house. What makes a company succeed is the employees. Whether we are talking about sales, customer service or operations. Everyone works within their own group and has major trouble working with internal departments.

Let’s start to feel empowered at work and it will spread to our customers and increase our profit margins as if it was magic.

Afraid to talk about the past?

If someone will not discuss their past relationships with you is this a problem? I think it is a huge problem and one that needs to be explored. It just makes me think that they are hiding something or are afraid they will be judged.

When a relationship ends at first you deal with all of your emotions and feelings. But, when some time passes it’s important to look at what lessons were learned. We all need to take responsiblity for our role in any relationship. It is never just one persons fault because a relationship involves two parties.

What may be a good idea to get the discussion started is to ask what the person has learned about themselves in their past relationships. This could lead to your new partner talking about what he or she is afraid to share.

Try it because you have nothing to lose and it is a great way to learn about each other.

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