Some Of The Best Food Tours

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Humans have so many things in common, irrespective of their skin color, geographical location, religion, or ethnic group. One of the most common things to every human is that we all like to eat. A lot of people are of the opinion that one of the fastest ways of learning about a culture is through the foods of that said culture. Consuming delicious delicacies is an amazing thing for other people because they find it pleasurable.

There are so many amazing meals you are yet to taste, and going on a food tours is one of the best ways to encounter some of these delicacies. Here are some of the best destinations for a once in a lifetime food tour experience.

Matera, Italy

This is a hot spot for food lovers, particularly the cave-studded mountaintop city in Italy. It is an amazing destination not only because it is a location in a European Capital of Culture, or because it has so many amazing arts events. This is an amazing destination because of the Cucina Povera cuisine, which is a uniquely-preserved destination. This place has a lot of distinct food, and this includes different soup with local pulses like the local Senise pepper, black chickpeas, and even Lucanian sausage, which is flavored with fennel.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is a tempting location. Being the Dutch capital, and its proximity to London, this location boasts of an increasingly irresistible food scene. Amsterdam is among the few countries where you would see different innovative and inventive ideas being exhibited on vegetarian and vegan food. You can try the Dutch Weedburger, or the plant-based posterchild dish, and several other mouthwatering dishes. This is one of the greenest cities in Europe, and it is famous for its leafy park space and sustainability.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This is a small but perfectly formed destination where you can behold Slovenia’s food culture from its lovely dishes, which is a combination of Alpine, Eastern European, and Med. This is a tiny capital, but a perfect spot for a food tour where you can behold some of the killer burger joints in the world, and hipster coffee spots. It also has a lot of old countries and cosy restaurants. There’s so much you can behold from this destination, and you will love it if you are a food lover.

Corsica, France

This is a famous destination for food lovers, thanks to its Italian and French food cultures. Travelers who like kicking back in the affordable seafront and hilltop restaurants will love the mountainous island of Corsica. This destination is easy to access, and it has delicious meaty dishes like Pignatelli sausages, oysters, delicate river trout, civet de sanglier, and lamb that is roasted with whole garlic cloves.

Pittsburgh, USA

This is the perfect destination for you if you want an alternative East Coast city break. This location is not so familiar, but the Pennsylvanian city is easy to visit because the British Airways now offer direct flights to Pittsburgh from Heathrow. There’s so much beauty in this destination, from the beautiful structures to its amazing art and culture. Pittsburgh also offers burgeoning food scenes with creative cuisine catering services.

There are several other amazing destinations you can try out, from Italy to France, to Lisbon, and several other destinations, including some African countries that boast of rich cultural heritage with so many amazing and mouth-watering dishes. This is definitely something that every food lover would want to experience. Add spice to your travel experience by learning different cultures and the amazing recipes that are offered by these cultures.

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