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Step-by-step instructions to successfully order marijuana seeds online. In our guide we overview the fundamentals in purchasing marijuana seeds from sources worldwide, available through their internet shops.

How to find marijuana seeds for sale online

Plenty of companies offer marijuana seeds for sale online. Just a quick Google searchLinks to an external site. for marijuana seeds yields over 26 million results (as of July 2020). How is the searcher to know which websites provide the best seeds?

Fortunately, more than a few seed seller websites are legit. It is recommended for the buyer to research the cannabis seed market prior to purchase, in order to understand the basics of buying seeds online.

FeminizedLinks to an external site. cannabis varieties are the most popular seeds for sale this year. That's why the American seed distributor Abundant Life SeedsLinks to an external site. has set up their catalog with only the top-fifty best selling marijuana seeds.

Step 1—Find a seed distributor

The new buyers will want to know where a legit place to buy seeds is. You can ask this question on marijuana forumsLinks to an external site., Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—anywhere that reputable growers and breeders are on and using. Most will help to point you in the right direction. Here is a subreddit dedicated to marijuana seedsLinks to an external site..

Next, continue your research online of which cannabis seed distributors stand out from the pack. There's a lot of quality companies to consider, but for US buyers, one thing stands above all—does the seed bank ship seeds fast to the USA? You may refer to this list of best seed banksLinks to an external site. and seed bank reviewsLinks to an external site. for more in-depth answers.

Step 2—Find the Seeds to Buy

Now that you have found a trust-able seed bank for making your purchase, it's time to figure out what types of marijuana strainsLinks to an external site. to grow. There are indicas, sativas, hybrids, IBLs and countless others classifications. Research is needed to know which kinds will suit your cultivation setup best.

Cannabis strain researchLinks to an external site. has shown that indica dominant strains are generally faster flowering, denser and more resinous than their sativa counterparts. This makes indica plants easier to grow indoors. However, sativa dominant strains grow larger making them well suited to outdoor cultivation and potentially, yield heavier amounts of bud.

Step 3—Make a Purchase

Finally, select the seed packs you wish to buy. Add them to your shopping cart on the seed bank website. Once you are ready to complete your order, click your cart and it should bring your to the checkout page.

Enter your real name (for best delivery with no problems), address, phone number and any other information the form requires. When you come to the payment options, you better have made sure that this company accepts US credit cards, because not all of them will go through at some seed banks.

When payment has cleared your package will be shipped. It only takes a few days to arrive to the US.


Written by Ken Thompson. Follow him on Twitter @seedscatalogLinks to an external site.





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